Easy Victory for McFaul

Sometimes things just go your way on the golf course and you find a way to recover from those inevitable mistakes. Such was the case for Mr Justin McFaul (23)  in this week’s Thursday Society. Failing to score at the difficult par 3 1st, “The Firs” is a not unusual occurrence at Prehen. The 198m Par 3 is difficult on any day but when the wind is up, the rain is heavy and the assembled onlookers are renowned for delivering harsh commentary then things get even more difficult! Mr McFaul fell foul of the notorious first and then also failed to score at the relatively easy Par 4 9th,”Daly’s but, luckily for him his play on the other seven holes yielded 18 points and set a foundation for what was to come on the closing nine. Back-to-back four-pointers at the difficult stroke index 3 and 1 -Par 4, 13th,”Foyle” and Par 4, 14th,”Aintree” - coupled with three other pars yielded 25 points for the back nine, a round total of 43 points and victory by a four point margin for the nearest challenger. Mr McFaul’s efforts were rewarded by a 2.7 handicap reduction which could have been more given he will admit to “having left some shots on the course!”

Mr William McClintock (24) also left a few shots on the course on Thursday. He failed to score at no fewer that three holes and yet recorded 39 points to take second spot on the day. The quality of the rest of Mr McClintock’s play will send warning signals throughout the club that he is a man to be watched when match-play wagers are struck in coming weeks! Third prize went to Mr Cecil Thompson (14) with 38 points but he will be regretting the leaked shot at the easy stroke index 18 which resulted in an ugly score-card blank without which he might well have captured second prize.

Next week, Nov 10th members play for the Jim Bresland Trophy and five prizes will again be on offer for the reasonable entry fee of £4. October prizes will be credited to their accounts by November 7th.

Results & Report: Martin Doherty

03.11.16 Thursday Society wk 5






Justin McFaul




William McClintock




Cecil Thompson



CSS:   70(36pts).