The Jock Balmer Fourball competition is eagerly awaited each year at City of Derry and past winners always seem to surface in the bar just prior to the qualification competition to laud members with tales of their personal exploits in days of yore. But, to hoist the trophy “wanabe” champions have to surmount the first hurdle, that of qualification for the knockout stages! Out of this year’s packed field only sixteen pairs could progress to do battle in the latter stages of the competition. With a stiff and cold breeze whipping across the course, scoring was always going to be difficult but one pair rose superbly to the challenge presented on the day. Thirteen handicappers Mr Neil Duncan and Mr Stephen Orr gelled extremely well to record a winning total of 45 points. The early starting pair of Mr Eddie Mitchell and Mr Peter Leeson recorded a fine 43 points to take second place on the day. The final sixteen have now entered the knockout stages and some fascinating matches are in prospect. The summer, when it arrives, is set to hold disappointment for most and triumph, with incumbent bragging rights, for one lucky and skilled pair. Watch this space for progress reports!


Results: Competitions Committee.

Report: Martin Doherty

16.04.16 Jock Balmer FBBB






Neil Duncan & Stephen Orr



Edward Mitchell & Peter Leeson