20.09.14 Hasson Law Teams of Four





Andy McFaul, George Curry, Neil Duncan & Tom McDermott



Stephen Orr, SIMON SWABY, Gareth Reid & Ian Orr


*Break of tie

Big Entry for Hasson Law Team Event
There was a big turnout for the
Hasson Law sponsored Team Classic, a format that has become very popular with members and the club would hope to run at least one of these competitions each month during the coming winter season. A well balanced team of Andy McFaul, Neil Duncan, George Curry and big hitting Tom McDermott were the proud winners on Saturday with an unbeatable 92 points in quite blustery conditions.  Brothers Ian and Stephen Orr were the mainstay of the second placed team with Simon Swaby and Gareth Reid playing very important cameo roles. It took a tie break to decide their place. They had an excellent 50 points of their 91 points on the vital second nine and the third placed team that finished out of the prizes will surely regret the single point they recorded at the "Crow's Nest" .

Results: Mike Carroll Competitions Convenor

Report: Robbie Kennelly Competitions Committee.