Some 30 teams contested the infamous “Yellow Ball” Teams of Four at City of Derry this week. The competition is renowned for its ability to make grown men groan on the realisation that it is their ball at this hole, inevitably the hole feared most by the player, that MUST count on the score card! By the end of play everyone had a tale to tell about how difficult the course was playing in the stiff northerly wind and how things would have been soooo much better if only one of the other team members had had a better, more productive day! But such is golf and the good-natured moaning around the bar after a game is probably the reason that most people play!

By the end of Sunday’s competition is was the quartet of Mr Graham Hepburn, Mr David Spence. Mr Gary McKinney and Mr George Baldrick who were singing in the park in celebration of a very well compiled and ultimately victorious 86 points. Their winning score was harmony itself with equal 43 point hauls on each nine. Second place was decided on break-of-tie with the axe falling in favour of Mr Alastair Duncan. Mr Seamus McGee, Mr Jason Cleere and Mr Liam Reddin with an 84 point tally.

Results: Martin Doherty.

24.04.16 Yellow Ball Teams of Four





George Baldrick, Graham Hepburn, Gary McKinney and  David Spence



 Jason Cleere, Alastair Duncan, Seamus McGee and Liam Reddin



Wyn Donnell, Gary Leckey, George Pearson and Kevin Quigg


*Break of tie