Revenge, the proverb says, is a dish best served cold and on Saturday John O’Doherty (11)  got the opportunity for revenge and gorged himself to the full! Having been disqualified in last week’s competition due to an administrative error on his part he set out to use his new found eleven handicap to good effect. If the truth be told, and it always is here, John’s fabulous 38 point haul could have been significantly better were it not for a slight hiccup on the relatively easy Par 5 “Dermot’s”. Playing in ferocious conditions, with angry squalls frequently crossing the course and forcing lesser mortals to seek the solace of the clubhouse bar, John’s birdie three at Stroke Index 2, “The Whins”, set the foundations for a decent front-nine nineteen pointer. He followed that with a steady performance over the closing holes to double his score and post a 38 point total.

Mr O’Doherty didn’t have things totally his own way though because sixteen handicapper Trevor Heyward was fighting his own battle against the windy Prehen course. Despite recording an ugly no-score at the par 4 “The Gap” he registered seventeen points on the front nine holes. A twenty point haul over the closing nine had him in the clubhouse with 37 points and second place secured. Andy McFaul (12) equalled Mr Heywood’s closing nine but failing to record a score at the Par 5 third hole had caused too much damage and he could only amass 36 points to take third spot.

Report: Martin Doherty.

26.03.16 Club Stableford






John O'Doherty




Trevor Heywood




Andy McFaul



CSS: 71  *Break of tie