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Flexible Play Membership

Flexible Play Membership

A Flexi play Membership is for golfers who don’t play enough to warrant paying the full subs, but want to enjoy the benefits of being a member, have the flexibility to play when they want and control how much their membership costs them.

Benefits of a Flexi Play Membership

The cost of the Flexi Play membership is £199 (GUI fee is included in this figure) and for this you will receive 75 points. If you do not wish to avail of a GUI membership you will receive an additional 10 instead. Points will then be charged at different rates depending on when you play (see below)

Peak Season - April 1st – 31st October

Off Season - 1st November – 31 March

Flexi Play Membership +

This offers all the above benefits but the added bonus of having unlimited rounds on the Dunhugh Course. The cost of the Flex Play + is £259.

Top Up Points

When you points are spent you can top up, the top up packages are as follows :

20 points = £60

40 points = £115

75 points = £190


Q : Can I use my points for a friend to play the course?

A : Flexi-Golf points are entirely personal to you and cannot be transferred or loaned to another person.

Q. Can I play in competitions?

A: Yes, In additional to the points required to play the course on the competition day, you will be required to pay the applicable competition entry fee on the day.

Q: Can I roll over Flexi-Golf points?

A: Flexi-Golf points are purchased on an annual basis from the 1st April. If you have points left over at the end of the flexi year (March 31st), you are entitled to roll-over a maximum of 20 points into the next season (must renew before the end of April).
 Any additional points left unused after the roll-over allocation are classed as spent.

Q : What must I do when playing a round?

A : Flexi members must be booked onto the online tee booking system by themselves or via the Pro Shop, they must then report to the Pro Shop prior to commencing play to check in, at which point a debit will be made against your points balance.

If you wish to play after 6:30pm when the shop is closed, you must contact the shop before 6pm to inform them of your intention to play that evening, you must then sign the log book which is keep in the bar.

Q: Why is there a premium placed on a Saturday and a Tuesday for ladies?

A: Saturday is the busiest day of the week at the club, tee times are at a premium with the majority of our full members playing on that day. In order to recognise the fact that our full members pay a higher annual subscription and as not to devalue their commitment we feel that it is more than fair to place a higher premium on the points required for a Flexi member to play on that day (the same applies to ladies on a Tuesday). 

Q: Do I have to use my points if I am representing City of Derry Golf Club in an official competition or team match?

A: If you have been selected to represent City of Derry Golf Club in a team match for the men’s or ladies sections then you won’t be required to use points to play for the club.

Q: As a Flexi member can I play the 9 hole course?

A : No rounds on the 9 hole are included in the Flexi Play membership. Flexi members wishing to play the 9 hole course must pay a green fee prior to commencing play, or avail of the Flexi Play + which costs £259 and includes unlimited golf on the Dunhugh course.

Q : If I only want to play a few holes will it cost me the normal points?

A : Yes, even if only playing a few holes, the normal applicable points will be charged, freedom to play a few holes is an advantage of full membership.

Q : Can I pay monthly for my Flexi Play membership?

A : No,  your Flexi Play membership must be paid in full when signing up.








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Ladies playing on a Tuesday