As winter approaches and the expected poor growth and winter rains arrive, the Greens Staff will be introducing the use of mats during the winter months.

In order to ensure members are prepared for this introduction, we request that each competitor have available the standard mats from Wednesday 1st November onwards. The mats will only be required for competitions when the pro-shop specifies it as a condition of competition entry.

Golfers not playing in competitions have the option of using a mat or lifting their ball to the side and playing from the first cut of rough.

We will also be introducing a winter handicapping system to coincide with the use of mats to ensure fair competitions are maintained. (See next notice)

The procedure for using the winter mats is as follows :

The use of mats in the winter is to protect “the Course” during periods of nil growth and inclement weather. The mats are NOT to be used to provide relief of Course obstacles/obstructions in any way, other than those provided for in the rules of golf.

• When mats are in use during competitions, the ball MUST be played from the mat, unless you choose to use a putter for your stroke. The mat dimensions must conform to the standard issue City of Derry mats or smaller (16” X 4.5”). These can be purchased or viewed at the pro-shop.

• A ball that comes to rest through the green must be lifted, placed on and played from a mat. The mat must be placed immediately behind where the ball originally lay, and in line with the intended line of play. The ball may be cleaned when lifted under this Local Rule. If a ball when placed, rolls from the mat, it may be replaced without penalty. If it still fails to remain on the mat, the mat must be moved to the nearest spot not nearer the hole where the ball, when placed on it, will remain at rest. There is no penalty should the ball move or be moved after being placed on the mat and before making a stroke, including when addressing the ball or taking a practice swing.

• Should a peg tee be used to secure the mat, the ball must NOT be placed on the tee. Mats must be placed FLAT to the ground using two pegs if necessary.

• If the mat cannot be placed immediately behind the ball then a penalty drop must be taken as per rule 28 “ball unplayable”, under penalty of one stroke.

Note: any doubts about the rules for mats please contact the competitions committee.

Clive Brolly – Competitions Convenor.